What India Needs


Mr. Prime Minister, ever since the Bihar election results were declared last Sunday, I am sure lots of Indians are wondering as to what went wrong with BJP’s election strategy. The common thought across all rational minds in the country is mostly on these very lines. What has gone wrong with BJP think-tank – the party which came to power in the last general election on the development plank, appears to have lost the art over the last few months. Now even the old timers in BJP are also gunning for you and Mr.Amit Shah.

For the English media news channels in India, this is the also current talking point and will continue for some time, till they get their next TRP worthy “item”. While this might be just be a frivolous discussion for the so called “tolerant awarp-wapsi” class, but for millions of Indians who voted BJP to power in 2014, this is a serious question. Hence it is time for you and your government to prove the point that “Acche Din” are in the offing.

While your party think-tank can work overtime to fix the shortcomings in the election strategy, on a more serious note your government needs to address some of the burning issues facing the nation, especially the middle and lower income classes. While I am not an economics or political expert, but from my limited knowledge on the ongoing affairs, I do have a few suggestions, which I feel will make life better for us Indians.

Elections will come and go, but the focus of your government should be on these core areas – Food Security, Job Creation, Infrastructure development, Improvement of Law enforcement machinery and above all Education.

Food Security and price control

The skyrocketing prices of pulses have virtually taken out “Toor Dal” and some other pulses out of the menu of millions of Indians. So much so that even Chicken is less pricey than some of the pulses. The same had repeated some time back with onions and now the same is happening with tomatoes. These types of inflationary jumps happened earlier too, but then we never expected the then government to do anything about it. Such was our trust then. Now is a different time, and we Indians surely believe in your word and expect that your government to seriously arrest this inflation. The country requires a strong impetus for agricultural reforms, which will incentivize increased agricultural production of pulses, onions, and other highly consumed products. Massive numbers of cold storages have to be created across the nation to be able to balance the pressures of production, supply and consumption. The procurement of agricultural produce in the nation needs to be more transparent, and some of your existing schemes will surely help in improving the direct payments to farmer, which will incentivize more agricultural production. Unhappy farmers are not good for the nation. Our strength in Information technology should be utilized to monitor the production and supply of food grains and other agricultural items, which will prevent such unpredictable inflationary pressures on the economy.

Job Creation & Infrastructure development

It has been a decade since the country has seen massive job creation. Millions of young qualified workers are available but there are no jobs to meet their needs. This was the one big aspiration most of your voters had during elections. Since your ascent to power, not much has happened on this front. While the government intentions have been good in this direction, but thanks to some strong arm tactics of the Opposition, fuelled by the loudmouths in BJP and your allies, the whole process got derailed in Parliament.
The country urgently needs millions of jobs to be created. Likewise, the country also needs massive infrastructure development starting with roads, housing, power utilities, airports, hospitals, railway expansion, irrigation canals, river linking systems, etc. The list is quite long. Even if the process is kick started in a big way, the next 3 years will be enough to generate enough jobs, and rest of the process of economic and national development will automatically happen.

Law enforcement machinery

The primary reason BJP came to power in 2014 was the corruption fostered by the erstwhile UPA government. When you vowed to deliver stringent punishment to their corrupt acts, India saw a glimmer of hope. Several months have passed, but none of their scams are seeing a logical conclusion. Be it the 2G scam, Coal scam, Railways recruitment scam (the list is too long), all of them seem to be dragging on forever. It is high time the corrupt are booked and sent to jail for their misdeeds. That alone will give your government that serious image, and people will believe that their trust is not belied. Improve the law enforcement machinery across the country so that crime and corruption is dealt decisively and with utmost ruthlessness. Police across states do not do their jobs diligently due to the arrogant interference of the political brass around them. Besides this mockery, the average pay scale offered to the police officials does not motivate them to do their jobs efficiently. If any worker in this country is paid a decent salary which is commensurate to their job, indulging in corruption will never be their choice. Most Indians surely wants to live a dignified life, and that is no different for the policemen. Its time they are rewarded with proper pay scales and security in their line of duty. Since Police reforms is more of a State subject, the process can start with the BJP ruled states with major Police reforms, and that will be emulated by other states as well. With honest Police machinery, law enforcement automatically gets addressed, thus leading to a better quality of life.


The bitter truth for every parent these days is the rising cost of education. Much of it is fuelled by the influx of private educational institutions at the primary, secondary and University level. For most of these players, education is just another business, and in quite a number of cases these are run by politicians. Private players in Education are surely needed, but that should not be at the expense of Government run institutions. Most of the country cannot afford private primary of secondary education. While it is a good thing that we now see more IIMs and IITs being established, the core focus should be on strengthening the grass root level education. India’s core problem lies in its poverty and illiteracy. For that to be addressed, schools have to be developed in each and every village, so that India’s children are not deprived of the basic education. This investment is a guarantee for a highly skilled and developed India of the future. This change will ensure a rationally thinking society, high skilled workforce, and lead to changes in the political class of leaders, innovation and entrepreneurs. The HRD ministry should focus its might on improving standards of education in the Private sector and prevent fleecing of parents in the name of education. It is time we not only import the foreign Universities, but also their enforcement of quality education at all levels.
While the above issues have always been superficially addressed by previous governments, but most of them got mired in controversy and corruption, and the ground situation always languished as usual. This is the first time in so many years that a person like me feels that here is a Prime Minister who can dare to do all the above, and can truly bring in a change. That is the reason we elected you Sir. Its high time you start delivering results.

The Indian Aspiration

I am a big fan of your ideology “Congress-mukt Bharat”, and that is why we gave you the chance so that you can undo the misrule of the last 60 years, barring the small tenure of Mr Vajpayee. People need a change in their standard of life, hence issues like jobs, food security, education, healthcare are important. If your government can ensure that, your vision of Congress-mukt Bharat will surely be a reality.

The country is full of frustrated and impatient people, who have been waiting tirelessly for betterment of their lives. With no proper education, majority of them can’t even understand the difference between good and bad, but when there is some glimmer of hope they latch on to it. BJP’s victory in the Parliamentary election is the perfect example. More recently, despite a convicted person like Lalu Yadav in the picture, NItish Kumar emerged victorious, because he was a tried and tested option, who gave them hope of a better life. People do not want disturbance in their lives in the name of religion, community, caste, etc. which apparently happens to tag along with BJP, thanks to a boisterous opposition, aided by your loose tongued leaders in BJP. They do not need debates on beef or no-beef, as long as pulses and vegetables are available at reasonable prices. Its time your party understands the Indian aspiration.

The Bihar election is surely a revelation to the nation, and clear message to all, that good work never goes unrewarded. The same people who voted BJP in the Parliamentary election, made sure to elect Nitish Kumar in their state, since they know their priorities. Imagine if the country gets a chance of a better life in the coming years, your party need not even campaign in the next election, and you will still return to power.

Its time to focus on making the lives of Indians better, and control the reckless leaders in your party, who continue to shoot their mouths on various matters causing controversies, and thereby undermining all the good work your government is doing. They are the ones who also fuel the opposition, leading to unwarranted disruptions of Parliament. If this were not true, what triggered the last Parliament blockade which emboldened the Opposition to get together and ultimately pull a coup in Bihar. If Parliament functions, your reforms will go through and make our lives better.

Sir, the nation has given you a chance to rewrite the nation’s destiny. Its now or never. Change always has a shorter shelf life, and if it does not prove its worth, it gets reverted to the older option. If BJP does not deliver on its promises, people will again fall back on Congress with a helpless attitude. You don’t need political strategies to keep Congress out of power, your good work will surely ensure that.

Another aspect of your leadership has been your observed silence on the recent controversies. While its alright to ignore political novices like Rahul Gandhi, but when people like them get media attention their chatter tends to become the truth. As the Prime Minister your voice counts and India looks upto you. Hence, your views matter and it always help put matters in the right perspective, no matter how controversial they are. Unlike others you are the people PM, and hence you should speak more often on matters.

India believes in your dream, and we all appreciate your vision. Its now time to see action. The country is waiting and so is the world.


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